A GOAL WORTH SETTING…is worth setting well

A quote by Bill Copeland, is my motivation for this blog topic ” Set your goals, and set them right”. Bill Copeland’s quote goes thus:

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life (time) running up and down the field, and never score”

What can be truer than this? I mean which footballer ever scored a goal in a field that has no goalpost? There must be a goalpost on every field, this goalpost is every player’s target. Once they have the ball, they run towards the goalpost to Score! That’s the only reason you see grown men running round the field, chasing that little round inanimate object! Sometimes they fall, and most times they get back up and keep chasing the ball, just so they can score!

How amazing is that? For lovers of football, nothing can be compared to the joy that “scoring a goal” on the field brings.

And I can understand that because scoring a goal means that they are “on point” . It shows that they are doing the right thing as far as the game is concerned.

Now, do you know that the same way a goalpost is fixed on every football field, is same way it is fixed in our lives? What do I mean?

Here is the answer. Have you ever wondered what we are doing here on earth?I asked a little girl this question and she answered

” to eat, grow, go to school, graduate, become a doctor “(that’s what she wants to be,a doctor).

Now someone may say that her answer is naive or childish, but I didn’t think so. In fact I was amazed that at her age (5) she had an idea of what goes on in this world. Don’t people eat every day? Don’t they grow? Don’t they go to school? Graduate? And then hope to practise what they have studied in school? That’s it! That’s all we do. Every move we make, is because we want to be able to take care of ourselves and our responsibilities, to have a good life, and for the very ambitious ones, make a difference in the world.

But then, what happens when we don’t set our goals, or don’t set them right? We fail! It’s as simple as that. We end up not only not achieving anything in life, but equally become liabilities to those that have set their goals right.

We all have dreams…in our heads we all want to be successful. Like the girl that wants to be a doctor, she may not have a full understanding of what being a doctor is all about, but she has an idea because she has seen doctors and she likes and admire them ,probably for a reason as petty as the way they dress or the stethoscopes they hang over their neck…haha. But then that’s probably the little that her little mind could grasp at the moment. But the point is that she likes doctors and wishes to be one.

Now that’s her dream(goal). But it doesn’t end there. It’s not enough for her to just have that dream. She must be coached in order for that dream to come true, to know if being a doctor is even what suits her.

At that tender age, she must be made to understand that without hard work and dedication to her studies, she may never be a doctor or whatever she may change her mind to become in the future.

This exactly, is the thing with setting goals. You must set goals in order to score. She must study hard and be dedicated in her efforts, in order to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a nurse, an engineer, etc.

Nobody has ever made it big by playing and goofing around, just like no player has ever scored by running round the field without focusing on the goalpost.

We must know what we want (Set goals),and have concrete and realisable reasons for wanting those things that we want (setting the goals right), in order to achieve them. If not, we may end up wasting our lives, living for nothing, and achieving nothing. Remember, this life is all that we’ve got (Nobody really can tell what happens when one is dead). So it is expected of us to make everything that we do count.

Start setting those goals and keep scoring! 😁

By Vera’s Lounge

Vera’s Lounge is a creative hub, founded by Vera Chinenye Uzokwe aka Vera C Uzokwe, a Screenwriter and Podcast Host. A graduate of English Studies from the University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria.

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