There is a saying that goes thus: “You attract what is predominant on your mind”

Paraphrasing it will go like, “what you think about all the time, ends up manifesting in your life.”

What do you think? Is it true or a myth?

Well, i can speak for myself based on my experiences…and that of some people around me.

The above saying is not only true…it is very very true!

It has taken me series of “tests” to finally come to this conclusion. On several occasions,I have witnessed some of the things I ponder on, wish for, come to reality even sometimes without me working for them.

For example, what i am today, may be as a result of the series of thoughts and imaginations i had as a child…and a young girl growing up. (Let’s leave that gist for another time 😜)

Someone might call it “answered prayers” , but the funny thing is that sometimes, people don’t really pray for some things that they have…

Magic? Well, I don’t believe in magic, but even those that do believe in it will testify that to get results from magic, there must be an action.

The only action that THOUGHTS need to manifest sometimes, is the action of THINKING.

It marvels me so much. No wonder the Holy Book says that our thoughts make us.

Why am I writing about this, anyway?

It is because I am convinced that we are PRODUCTS OF OUR THOUGHTS . And so should be mindful of them at all times .

Look around you, are things not working the way you believe they should, then please and please, pause, and maybe check your THOUGHTS!

Yes, your thoughts might be that “evil woman/man ” you have always believed is working against your progress.(tongue out 😜)

It is not MAGICAL that these things manifest, it is just what I call THE LAW OF NATURE/UNIVERSE.

IT works and can change your life from today.

Truth is that God Almighty has given us powers that we don’t even know about. This is one of such powers….the POWER OF THE MIND AND THOUGHTS.

Bottomline is:

What do you want, THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. (And support with actions and efforts of course)


Focus your mind on the things you want and not the ones you don’t want.

It’s difficult sometimes because somehow I think that the human brain feels better thinking about problems…because that’s the only way it functions : by solving problems.

But with dedication and constant awareness, the mind/brain can be trained to remain focused on the goods or at least how to change bad to good.

I am glad that I was inspired to share this with today. I hope it changes your life for GOOD.


By Vera’s Lounge

Vera’s Lounge is a creative hub, founded by Vera Chinenye Uzokwe aka Vera C Uzokwe, a Screenwriter and Podcast Host. A graduate of English Studies from the University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria.

We provide the following services:
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This website serves as
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