Life Simplified

You are with the right people; the right things happen in your life

You are with the lazy; you become lazy

You are with the hardworking: you are forced to work hard

You are with criminals: One day you shall become one too

You are with the wise; One day you will become wise, no matter how foolish you are

You are with the influential: You will be seen as one, even if you are not one yet

You work hard; you become successful, (well in most cases)

You are lazy; you will stay hungry,(well in most cases)

You are upright; you will always be happy,( If you truly know how refreshing it is to be upright)

You eat too much; you become obessed – balance is the key

You eat too little; you become too thin- balance is the key

You eat balanced diet; you are nourished and healthy

You eat imbalanced diet; you become malnourished and sick

It can go on and on…but the point is, LIFE IS VERY SIMPLE. We get what we give. It is left for us to decide what to give out…there is always an opposite side of everything


Fat; thin


Rich; poor



It is for us to choose where to belong…it is left for us to simplify our lives…


By Vera’s Lounge

Vera’s Lounge is a creative hub, founded by Vera Chinenye Uzokwe aka Vera C Uzokwe, a Screenwriter and Podcast Host. A graduate of English Studies from the University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria.

We provide the following services:
Script sales
Story sales
Script editing
Website creation

This website serves as
a platform for connecting with both our existing clients and prospective ones by the way of showcasing our creative works.
Also, we bring you some entertainment on here.

Please feel free to go through the menu and pick what suits you.

For more information, or if you require any of our services, kindly email us at: and be sure to get a swift response.

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