The seeds I sowed have sprouted!

I have written a number of articles, encouraging us to always move ahead of our past; to avoid allowing our past determine how we live today.  This post is not meant to contradict what was earlier written, but to shine more light on it.

If we live well today, then we shall have no reason to worry about tomorrow. What is called the  past today, was the present yesterday. This means that what we do today, forms what will be of us tomorrow.

I once wrote that: “the past should be in the past; that what matters is the present”

That was meant to teach that we should not kill oursleves about what we cannot change. The deed is already done and cannot be changed. What we can change is our today!

Minding how we live today, will help make our tomorrow peaciful.

That is because the SEEDS of the past, form the FRUITS of the present.

That’s why some believers still suffer afflictions,despite their faith and love for God. (consequences of what they did in the past)

Yes, the word of God says that once a man leaves his old ways, his sins shall be forgiven, but mind you, it never says that THE CONSEQUENCES Of his sins SHALL BE WITHDRAWN. No. It may become lighter due to God’s mercy, but to my knowledge, it never goes away.

When we sin, nature takes its course immediately.

God forgives when we repent. He releases His grace to us as His children. But the fact is this:

Sin and good deeds are like seeds. As soon as they are committed, they start sprouting.

For good deeds, the reward starts building up and taking effect.

For sins, the reward(punishment) starts sprouting and taking effect as well. What happens when one repents of his or her sin is that God in His infinite mercy, “cuts” the sprouting seed. He stops the consequences from growing  and becoming deeper – He causes the consequences of the sin stop adding up because the sinner has repented. But what happens to the seed that has already grown? What happens to the consequences that has already taken effect?

The Bible says that:  “whatsoever a man sows, he shall reap”.

Here is an analogy:

A child sees a burning fire and decides to touch it. He does, and gets burnt. Then his mother admonishes him about going close to fire. Already knowing that fire isn’t friendly ( from the pains it caused him), the child decides to heed  the mother’s advice. He stays away from fire henceforth. Does the pain and injury  caused by the fire burn go away immediately because the child decides to avoid playing with fire? No! The pain will remain until the wound is healed…the scare might even remain for a life time.


As it is with the child and the fire injury, so it is with sin and its consequences.

I repeat, the reason why some believers suffer despite their faith and love for God, is due to the “pain” from their past “sinful lives”, which is yet to go away

What do we do then? Worry about our past mistakes? Or live like there was never a past? Like nothing ever happened before we became believers, and then blame God for forsaking his own after He said that He will forgive when we turn from our sins?

God’s word is true and that includes His word about a man reaping what he sows. All we can do then is: To always PLEAD FOR GOD’S MERCY UPON YOUR LIFE”

His mercy is able to reduce the consequences of our past mistakes.

But then, let us take this home:

Let us be conscious of what we do today, for our today, will be our past tomorrow. Our deeds today, determine what our lives turn out like tomorrow. Do good today and reap good tomorrow. Do evil today, and evil awaits you tomorrow.

It is a choice we all have to make…let us choose wisely.

By Vera’s Lounge

Vera’s Lounge is a creative hub, founded by Vera Chinenye Uzokwe aka Vera C Uzokwe, a Screenwriter and Podcast Host. A graduate of English Studies from the University of PortHarcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria.

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