You see why i can Never be with just you? Just one woman? And a daft woman for that matter!?”

This sort of questions always came whenever she annoyed him.

That morning, her offence was failing to submit to him in bed.

But why would she not? Wasn’t he her husband?

Isn’t it morally wrong to deny one’s husband access to the body?

Imelda had given “being weak and having body pains” as an excuse. But who says no to Jerome? Nobody…not for any reason.

He had forgotten that he was behind his wife’s state that morning. He as usual, forgot that he was the one that battered her body the previous night for not turning off the electricity generator before going to bed.

He had come back late in the night, long after she’d gone to bed, long after mid night, and got mad at her for “wasting” his resources by leaving the electricity generator on.

He dragged her out of bed, pushed and slapped her around severally, before settling for his favourite “weapon of correction”, his leather belt. Imelda dreaded the sight of the belt. Before she could say anything, Jerome had pulled his belt, and flogged her all over the body.

“I made it clear that you cannot be unruly and lousy in my house! Why the hell would you leave the generator on while sleeping?”, he asked as he beat her that night.

Eventually, he got tired and left her on the floor to cry her eyeballs out. She didn’t understand why leaving the generator on would be a problem. They ran the generator all through the night…so she wondered what changed that night.

Wiping her tears off her face, she went straight to the kitchen to serve him his food which could pass for an early breakfast, before she went back to sleep. He happily had his meal as if nothing happened.

That was the previous night.

Fast forward to the next morning….where our story started:

Imelda didn’t know how badly she was battered until the following morning when he tapped her body and demanded for his usual morning sex…she said that she was weak and that her body ached. And then came the question of why he would have just a woman in his life.

That wasn’t the first time he would make that kind of comment. Comment that pointed to the fact that he placed no value on her as his wife.

But then, that was the typical Jerome. He was a lousy talker.

He always boasted about the number of women he was with before he found himself in the “hell fire” of a marriage with her.

On one occasion when he ranted about Imelda’s inability to conceive yet, he boasted that some of his ex girlfriends got pregnant for him, therefore that the fault wasn’t from him…”Why have you not taken in then, woman?” He would ask

Imelda was always dumbfounded when such questions hit her face, and they did at least twice every day. She wondered if four months was too late for a couple to have a child…

Yes! They were just married for four months and she was already miserable. He too was miserable.

“What did you do?” “Why are you not pregnant yet”? Are you sure that you are not cursed”? “You are certainly cursed, that is the only reason why you have failed to get pregnant” “I am not the problem, because I got lots of women pregnant in the past, some I even forced to abort the babies”, Jerome would always boast.

Imelda felt guilty. Could it be her fault then? She knew that as a young girl growing up, she had made some mistakes. But then, Jerome’s past was even darker  than hers. He was a chronic womaniser…and as a matter of fact had not changed even as a married man. He was cruel to most of his ex girlfriends, and treated them like she was being treated at the moment , or even worse.

Before they got married, he once told her about a particular girl that he sent out of his  house in the middle of the night for answering a call from another man…he didn’t even bother to know if the man was the girl’s relative. The rule was: “no phone call with any dude once you are in my house” Poor girl, she broke the rule and was kicked out into the dangerous street in the middle of the night.

Imelda had remarked that he was extreme in his decision…but then that was Jerome. Heartless and jealous to a fault.

Imelda knew before she married him, that he was that kind of a man. They courted on and off for two years before they finally got married. And the reason the relationship was on and off was because Jerome was being Jerome. He would misbehave and then apologise, and for some personal reasons, she would take him back again…

At this point , Imelda was beginning to ask herself why and how she ended up saying “I do to him?”

….oh did i forget to mention that Jerome’s pocket was loaded? Ah! He was one of the big guns in town. And he was a very generous giver too. Imelda was the easy go go kinda girl. She liked the good things of life…yes she did. Who doesn’t anyway? 😊

Could his financial state and her love for the good things of life be the reason Imelda said “i do” to Jerome, even when she was aware that her happiness wasn’t guaranteed in the marriage?…

To Be continued…as a movie

*An excerpt from a novel that i am working on.

What are your thoughts?

•Will Emelda leave Jerome and the marriage ?

•Will Jerome end the marriage?

•Will Imelda stay and try to work things out?

Or will she eventually kill Jerome out of frustration?

•Will Jerome change to a better man/husband?

•Will Imelda choose to endure the pains because he is her “financial soft landing”

•Will they find a way to resolve their issues and make the marriage work?

What do you think?

#Imelda’s Dilemma

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