Vera photography

How do you describe the picture above tree?

While you think about it, let me give you my own descriptions:

  1. It’s bare of leaf

  2. The branches look like reaching arms.

  3. It looks skeleton-bare and eerie

  4. I can tell that the tree bark will feel as cold as a crocodile’s back.

Etc… etc…

But can we look beyond the old and haggard looks of the tree and it’s branches? Look deeper…deeper…what do you see?


See? The tree is old and not very pleasant to look at, but through the leafless and weary looking branches, the bright and heart-warming blue skies can be seen.

That is all i see! I see beyond the “ugliness of this beautiful tree”…😊

See, this is a tree in Winter…it’s nothing lovely to look at (maybe) But! …but because it is bare of leaves, it exposes the beautiful blue skies.

In Summer, this very tree will become “healthy “ with lots of green leaves…it will look extremely beautiful! But then…then, the beautiful blue skies will be hidden from the view!

Do you catch the drift yet?

Of course, you have…Weldon. So,  let’s talk about it…

See the good in every situation in your life.

When it seems like your life has become “bare of leaf”, just like this tree in winter, look beyond the tree and see the beautiful blue skies…look beyond the difficulties and see the beautiful side of your life, because it is always…always there. Hold on to that while you wait for the summer…for the time that “the beauty”will be evident for all to see.

The only problem is that we are most times, too focused on the ugly part, to see the beautiful part.

Let this Winter tree be your guide today…


Picture taken by @veracuzokwe_n

#photography #hobby #nature #winter #tree #motivation #inspiration #seethegood #bepositive #lifeisbeautiful


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