The little devil

It creeps in unnoticed; Or maybe we do see it creeping in. It comes to you with a thousand reasons to accept it. It makes you believe that it has the right to be with you. Maybe because of what you have done; or what someone has done to you.

The little devil…

It turns your head upside down:it tears your heart apart. It makes you believe that tears are your only consolation.It tries to keep you away from the real consolations, which are good reasoning, and proper evaluation of the situation. It tries to keep you away from the ones you love.It may even tell you that being with them will make your life miserable. All of these it does, so that it would have enough time to destroy you.

The little devil…

Now, listen my dear. Life isn’t a bed of roses.Nobody promised a life where we will have no worries or pains.We were never promised a smooth sail all through life.It may seem that the other fellow’s life is an easy sail. But hey! It only seems so because they have been able to manage their lives’ woes. Nobody’s life is perfect. We are all dealing with something at every point, and we all need someone at some point to get through some life’s woes. That’s one truth that the little devil keeps from you…yes. It tells you that nobody can help you, but listen up! There is help out there. Reach out to someone you trust…someone can help, yes, they can. Ditch that little lie from the little devil and seek help. Your life isn’t over yet…it is not even nearly over. Get up and live your dreams…get up and toss the little devil off the window! Cast away the darkness it overshadows you with, and embrace life.

Depression is an enemy: it is a Little devil, too little to destroy you!

Dedicated to all those dealing with depression.

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