Screenwriting tips 1: Know the difference between the script and other genres

By Vera C Uzokwe

How does script writing differ from other types of writings?

When I think about script, one thing that comes to my mind is “action” , and this rightly so because scripts are relatable to acting (action). I am talking mostly about screenplays here.

Unlike the prose genre, where the writer writes for people to read, a script writer writes for people to “see”.

A script “shows” while a prose “tells”.

This is one of the most glaring difference between a script and a novel. It explains why there are elements like the action tab, where the actions taking place in the scene are described ( a very important part f a script), and then the parenthetical ; where you describe how the actor reacts or how they render their dialogues. This goes a long way to tell us that scripts are about ACTIONS and VISUALS

So, my number one tip of scriptwriting from is that as a script writer, if you read back your script and you are unable to “see” the actions, then maybe you haven’t done a great job.

Digest this, and i will be back with more tips!

Happy scripting!

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