I Believe 3


Tina is folding her laundry while a movie plays on the TV at the background.

At a point, the familiar voice coming from the TV makes her to stop folding the laundry, and to turn to the TV.


Wait…is that not Debby? No no no…Yes…this is Debby…Debby is on my TV screen…OMG! Debby! Wait o…is this not the movie she auditioned for three months ago? Yes…that’s the movie…Tender…I remember that was the title on that script…so she actually got the role! Wow! Tina! How did she do it? What did she do?

She quickly picks up her phone and dials Debby’s number

Debby! Hello, Debby…it’s Tina…how are you? Well! Do I even need to ask how to are…I know you are fine…Debby you are now a super star! I am watching it on Netflix right now…wow! Congratulations!


Thanks, Tina. Yes, I got the role. How are you? How have you been?

My sister, I am just here o! Nothing new…Still the old me, doing the old stuff. Unlike you, Debby! I’m really shocked that you got that movie role. How did you do it? What did you do?

What did I do? Hmmm let me see…well, nothing other than believing in my abilities, going after what I need confidently, without letting anything including people like you stop me. That was all I did.

Ha! Debby! Be honest with me na.

Look, I believe in me, and it doesn’t mean that I will always get what I go for, but it makes me keep going even after I fail. Maybe you should try that sometime.

You are still talking the same way, same old Debby. Okay, no problem, but just tell me what you did to get this movie role…

She stops as she notices that the call might have ended from Tina’s end

Ah! What happened? She actually hung up on me! This is serious o…self confidence? If self confidence was what got her that dream role, then I too need to go find mine… but how do I do that now? I need to call her back, so she will tell me how to get this kind of confidence. Wow! I really need it in my life because, I simply can’t keep living this average life…

Fade to black

The end.

A note from the Writer (Vera C Uzokwe)

Believe in yourself …

Believe in your abilities …

Believe that you can, and you see yourself doing it!

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