Davido’s Cousin Says Life Hasn’t Been Rosy 🤔

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Adebayo Adeleke (Bred), son to former Osun State senator and governorship aspirant and davido’s millionaire heir cousin took to his Instagram handle to reveal how life hasn’t been rosy although coming from a wealthy family.

Unbelievable it seems, because we’ve got this feeling that life is always rosy for the rich. However,hearing from Bred, it’s clear that being financially healthy, does not amount to being fulfilled all round.

Bred said “To be honest, I was just thinking that if I can take it way back to 12, 13, 14 years ago, many people will just think ‘oh because my uncle is a billionaire, my dad is a millionaire oh we have had it good since time’ noooo. People that know me those days know that I suffered o and my life has just changed,” “I am so grateful to God. This is a special shout out to God. I will not stop serving you, I love you, God, keep pushing me higher. Please God I am enjoying my life, let my life be sweet every day. All my investments, I’m grateful to God. All the show money, I love you, God.”

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