Pat Hitchcock Passes Away.

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Late Film icon, Alfred Hitchcock’s only daughter, Pat Hitchcock has been confirmed dead by her daughter.

Pat died at the age of 93, at her home in Thousand Oaks, California as was confirmed by her daughter Katie Fiala

Tributes from fans and friends are pouring in; One Twitter user wrote: “RIP Pat Hitchcock, daughter of Alfred, tremendous actress in her own right. It was a privilege to meet her and talk to her 20 years ago when she attended the Reno Film Festival. I will never forget the wonderful conversation we had”

“So sad to hear that the news that Pat Hitchcock has passed away. To me she was always the highlight of every film she was in, and her Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode “Into Thin Air” is one of my absolute favorites. She just seemed like such an incredibly sweet person,” said by another fan.

She is survived by her daughters, Mary, Tere and Katie, grandchildren Kelly, Caitlin, Trisha, Kate, Samantha and Chris, and great-grandchildren Ava, Joey, Maddie, Scarlett, Cole, Charlotte, Whitley and Jamie.

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