Walter Yetnikoff Passes Away 😞

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Walter Yetnikoff , former head of CBS records has passed away at the age of 87. His wife reported that he died from cancer.

Walter was once considered as “a friend” by Bruce Springsteen because of his help to launch the career of Michael Jackson.

He would’ve turned 88years today, what a tragic loss.

Michael Jackson’s estate, tweeted:

“RIP Walter Yetnikoff, a titan in the music business. Michael’s friend, confidante and unwavering supporter, Walter used his leverage as head of CBS Records to help Michael smash MTV’s color barrier by forcing the network to play the iconic “Billie Jean” short film.
Walter took the groundbreaking step of giving Michael ownership of his masters, unheard of in the business at the time. Walter knew the only way to unleash a special talent like Michael onto the world was to trust the artist to follow his own instincts.
As Michael put it, “he’s encouraged me to be my own man and to do the things that had to be done the way I had to do them.” Everyone‘s thoughts and prayers go out to Walter’s loved ones.”

Walter is survived by his wife, Lynda and sons Michael and Daniel.

RIP to the legend.

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