Happy Mondays and Black Grape Star, Shaun Ryder’s Dislike For ITV2’s Love Island Show

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

The actor 58, has vehemently declared his lack of interest in ITV2’s Love Island show, claiming that it’s too boring and “meaningless, childish bs”. He said:

“I’m just too old and too fing grumpy for that show.”

Commenting on the contestants he said “Adult children. Big, grown-up bodies with 10-year-olds inside. It’s just meaningless, childish b***s.”

“Even when I was that age, I didn’t go on about love and stuff like that. I’m proper old school, I can’t watch that!”…

Further, he stated that his daughters and son Olli with wife Joanne, as well as daughter Coco and two other children from previous relationships, “watch all that sort of stuff, they love it,”

However, he makes sure they don’t fill him in on the latest gossip, adding: “I don’t want to hear it! In fact, all I’ve got to do is open one of the doors and listen to the girls, and it sounds like Love Island. We’ve got it going on in the house.“.


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