Sammy Kimmence, 25, has been ordered to give up some of his investments, to pay up for his scams

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Dani Dyer’s boyfriend, Sammy Kimmence has been ordered to give up his designer wardrobe to help repay some of the money he scammed from two pensioners. He has to hand over his personalised numberplate as well as jewellery and designer clothing to help pay back almost £55,000.

He was jailed last month for defrauding Peter Haynes, 81, and Peter Martin, 91, out of their life savings.

Earlier today, the judge ordered the father of one to hand back almost £55,000. Part of the things to be giving up are three pairs of designer trainers – a pair of Dior B22 sneakers, costing £825; a pair of Louis Vuitton Monogram runners costing £725; and Nike Jordan ‘Black Cat’ shoes costing £600.
He’ll also lose a Louis Vuitton monogram hoodie which cost £1,250, £1,000 Cartier love ring and £699 personalised numberplate reading ‘KM11SAM’.

Scamming doesn’t pay, real work does 👌🏽

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