Kirk Norcross addresses fans following his dad’s suicide

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Kirk Norcross , whose father, Mick Norcross tragically took his own life earlier this year has admonished his fans who might be struggling mentally.

Following the death of his father in early January this year, the night club owner admonished

everyone to stay strong amidst trying times. He said “make the most of their time”, “This is a message for anyone that’s struggling, anyone that feels that they just can’t go on no more. You made it this far and no matter how hard times feel, no matter how hard life is hitting you, it will and it does get better.”It takes time – days, weeks, years – but look how far you’ve come now. Doesn’t matter how much money you have or what you don’t have. Time is something we can’t buy, and we can make the most of our time by just being present.”
He further went on to tell his followers to just do the best they can – for themselves, rather than to impress anyone else.”

Well, we hope someone listens.

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