Ghanaian gospel singer, Empress Gifty warns men who “suck breasts as sugarcane”

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem.

During a discussion on her YouTube channel, ‘The Empress Show’ on the ‘Who should initiate sex in marriage; husband or wife?’ the musician stated categorically clear that both partners are involved in the intimacy business.

According to her, “Women don’t crave sex always. The same thing applies to men. Some men may go through stress, hence their inability to initiate sex. It could be a Mobile Money fraud that is causing their stress. So they may not develop the feelings to initiate sex.”

She further said: “Ladies, sometimes, your soft words can help turn the men on. Sex is a psychological issue. You can imagine it. The more you imagine, the more you want to explore.”

On the issue of men, who mishandle some women body parts, she commented “Please, the men who suck your women’s breast as if it’s sugarcane should stop. The women are tired of you. They are complaining about how you unromantically handle their breast.”
“Take your time when sucking breast. The Bible says women are fragile so know how to handle us,”
she concludes.


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