Suranne Jones suffers bruises and whiplash while on set

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Actress, Suranne Jones while on her new movie, Vigil, suffered whiplash and bruises as she was laid down deep in the ocean.

She said:

“I got whiplash, I put my back out a couple of times – covered in bruises.“Every time I went home my husband was like, ‘What the hell have they done to you now?’. It was fun to do – but I was hobbling home and having Epsom salt baths during filming.”

Explaining she was “hung above a car park on a rope”, the mum-of-one added: “I forgot how old I was. I thought I was 23 when reading it, that’s not true any more.“So I had to do a lot of working out just to build up my strength in order to do those scenes – anyone who had a bit of lockdown belly will know it’s quite hard to get your strength up.”

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