Real housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne sued for $25 million in Tom Girardi’s Bankruptcy Case

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Following the Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy case, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne, 50 has been sued for extravagantly spending funds obtained from the law firm.

Elissa Miller, the trustee behind the bankruptcy case sued her due to the extravagant spending- “The glam cannot be supported by a sham,” she said.

The suit states that “Erika has taken the ludicrous position that since she did not receive the payments directly from the [firm] she is not liable.”
It further continued: She attempts to create a distinction between handing her money directly versus paying all of her bills directly. The distinction, like her prior motion for reconsideration is meritless. Any payments made for her benefit are her responsibility.”

Some of the singer’s alleged expenses as documented in the filings include over $14,000,000 in American Express charges, payments for glam squad, dancers, travel, clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry and other “lavish expenses.”

According to what a close source revealed to PEOPLE, Erika’a response to the lawsuit, is “no merit,”

Erika and Thomas Girardi met back in 1988 and got married 2000. Their marriage came to an end in November 2020, and one month after they announced their divorce, the couple were named in a lawsuit for allegedly embezzling funds meant for families of the victims of the fatal 2018 Lion Air plane crash.

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