Yvonne orji gifts her Dad a car ahead of his 80th birthday

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Yvonne Orji, Nigerian-American actress and comedienne has gifted her father a car for his next birthday.

According to her, the pandemic has taught her to live for the moment, knowing that tomorrow is not really guaranteed. She recalled all that her dad passed through in bringing her and her siblings up.

She further went on to recall how the dad survived Biafra war, buried his brother and sister and was still able to raise them up maintaining the Nigerian culture.

She took to her Instagram page to celebrate him. “My pops, the Chief, turns 80 next year, and if the pandemic taught me anything, it’s to live for the NOW and give folks their flowers while they can still smell them. So to the man who lost his mother by age 12, survived the Biafra war, buried his brother and sister as a young man, started his own business and preserved Nigerian culture for all of his children, this was the least we could do to celebrate his 8 decades on Earth. Lord willing, next year, we keep the party going.

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