Nse Ikpe-Etim talks about her fears playing the role of First Lady in King of Boys movie

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Following the release of the Sequel to King of Boys movie on Netflix on the 27th of August , in which Nigerian actress Nse Ikpe-Etim played the role of First Lady, Jumoke Randle, the very talented and meticulous actress recently revealed in an interview, her how she felt being a part of the highly acclaimed film.

To the question, “what was your first reaction when you got contacted to play Jumoke Randle?”, she answered:

“I was shocked because it had taken over seven months to get a call back from Kemi after my reading. I kept asking ‘why did she pick me?’ ‘why me?’ ‘No, I can’t do this’. But I was happy cause this was monumental for me, for my career, people I was going to work with and there was joy but there was also fear.

“But I never discount my fear because I think my fear drives me. So yes, there was that and it was an honour.”

She was also asked what she found most frightening about playing Jumoke Randle.

“I had never ever been in anything politically inclined and so having to be in a space where it wasn’t a romcom, it wasn’t pure drama, it was so different with its theme, a different hue, different everything.”

With Nse’s career spanning over a decade in Nollywood, she is easily one of the best in the game.

King of boys is a political movie, showcasing some aspects of the Nigeria politics.

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