A glimpse of hope as Annie adds ‘Idibia’ back to her name on Instagram amid cheating allegations against her husband

Annie idibia, wife to Nigerian music legend, 2Baba has added back her husband’s surname after initially removing it in the early hours of today 3rd September, 2021.

Annie has taken down the surname hours after she called her husband out over his relationship with one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi. According to her, 2Baba has slept in the same house with his first baby mama on a trip to Disney world with their kids.

The mother of two also accused her husband’s family of not loving and caring about her since their marriage.

Her actions were met by different reactions from people including her colleagues in the movie industry. Most of the male ones seemed to be against her, saying categorically that a woman mustn’t call her man out on social media no matter what.

One of such celebrities who was vehemently against Annie’s action was Zubby Michael. He wrote on his Instagram story: “Any woman that calls you out is a wrong woman no matter what because a God fearing woman will understand that this space is just like a market square, NDI ala NDI ala”

Another actor, Junior Pope wrote: “No marriage wahala brought to social media has ever gotten resolved amicably….instead it is the beginning of the END….take your marriage issues to your parents /marriage counsellors…..NEVER ON SOCIAL MEDIA.”

Also weighing in on the matter, Musician, Harry Song wrote: “If you wan to live long & have peace in UR home as a young man Do not marry a woman that is heavy on social media, that can’t ve the descression (sic) of what to post and what not to post cus everything becomes content to attract brands to her Sawanle O 🥳” (sic)

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