“Sexual harassment has drastically reduced in Nollywood” – Ruth Kadiri

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Nollywood actress, Screenwriter and film Producer, Ruth Kadiri has recently declared that sexual harassments has drastically reduced in the industry, compared to previous times.

According to her, 80 percent of sexual harassments in the industry takes place amongst people struggling to find their feet.

“I don’t think there’s so much sexual harassment anymore. I’m saying this because I’ve grown to a point where nobody can say nonsense to me. But I have my ears to the ground, I don’t have a lot of people coming to me saying this person requested sex for a role, and also because the industry is now female-dominated. These are the reasons I think that sexual harassment has been reduced. I can’t say it has been eradicated because one or two persons will always fall victim and find themselves in that situation, but I think it has drastically reduced,” she explained.

Nollywood can boast of a good number of female executive producers now, unlike say ten years ago, and this apparently, is a factor in the reduction of sexual harassment in the industry.

Before now, stories of male film producers asking for “sex for roles” were rampant, but the females have risen to kinda put an end to the ugly tradition by making roles available to upcoming actresses.

Ruth Kadiri is married to Mr. Ezerika, whom she has successfully managed to keep away from the public eyes. Their marriage is blessed with a two year old daughter, Reign Ezerika.

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