Brazilian football legend Pele recovering after tumor operation

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Brazilian football legend, Pele, 80 has undergone a colon tumor surgery and is gradually recovering from it in Sao Paulo hospital.

“The tumor was identified during routine cardiovascular and laboratory examinations and the material was sent for pathological analysis,” Says Albert Einstein hospital Official statement on his health.

The 80 years old football legend took to his Instagram page saying “I thank God for feeling very well,” “Fortunately, I’m used to celebrating great victories alongside you.

“I will face this match with a smile on my face, a lot of optimism and joy for living surrounded by the love of my family and friends.”

Supporting him, his former club, Santos, shared a supportive message to the star writing “It will be one more victory in your life, we wish you a good recovery!”

The 80 year old legend has never been in his best of good steady health following his numerous visits to the hospital. He has survived alot of surgery, ranging from urinary tract infection, removal of kidney stones and waist surgery.

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