Chloe Goodman is pregnant again but doctors warn it must be her last child

Chloe Goodman, 28, has announced that she is pregnant again sixteen months after the birth of her daughter. However, this might just be the last child she will have.

Following an operation that Chloe had in 2018, her pregnancies are considered high risk by medical professionals, and she has been told that she won’t be able to carry any more babies after this one.

High-grade 3 abnormal cells were found during her routine smear test and it could have led to cervical cancer if left untreated. Although she had a surgery to remove half of her cervix, she was then warned that if she got pregnant again, that she had a higher risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

Regardless of the warning, the mom to sixteen months old Isla and her footballer fiancé, Grant Hall, have taken a risk in order to give Isla a sibling. “I can’t wait to have two children and for Isla to have a sibling,” she said.

While she was pregnant with Isla, Chloe had needed to have a cervical stitch put in at 14 weeks and then removed at 36 weeks. It’s very likely that this time around, she will need the same procedure, although doctors have said that it will be too risky to do that a third time. As a result , this, Chloe has admitted that this will be her last pregnancy.

Speaking to CLOSER magazine about her pregnancy, the 28 years old former ‘glamour” model said that: “They have to put the stitch higher up than it was with Isla because of the scar tissue and I don’t have much of my cervix left anyway.

“So I’ve been told I won’t be able to carry again after this pregnancy. This will be our last child.”

Commenting on whether they would love to have a boy or a girl, she said: “Knowing it’s our last, we’d absolutely love a little boy. It would be lovely to have one of each [sex] but we’re grateful either way to be able to carry a pregnancy.”

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