Sarah Harding tribute night slammed as club accused of planning to profit from her death

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

A club house has been slammed for throwing a night tribute at the club in memory of Sarah Harding for their own profit.

Sarah Harding, deceased at the age of 39 after fighting breast cancer bravely, was once a performer at the clubhouse, Heaven at G-A-Y.

In tribute, the nightclub, announced on Twitter through the owner, that it will be playing Girls Aloud music on repeat between 10pm and 5am with a proportion of profits being donated to a cancer charity.

Clubgoers are you pay £3 for a wristband, with £1 from every ticket being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Jeremy Joseph who is the owner of the club Twitted: “Saturday 18th September @HeavenLGBTclub A @macmillancancer Fundraiser G-A-Y Pays Tribute To @SarahNHarding.

“Goal is to raise £5000 celebrating Her Life With Hits Of Girls Aloud played with Saturday dance floor fillers.”

Fans responded to the tweet, accusing the club of profiting from Sarah’s death.

One penned: “This is actually foul, and so out of touch, if you really wanted to raise money you’d donate ALL the money from tickets and drink sales – as someone who’s had Macmillan help them in the past I think this is disgusting and you should be ashamed.”

“How about 100% of the entry to charity?” a fourth said.

Adding to it, another wrote: “I don’t usually jump on bandwagon but this is really bad taste it would only be a tribute if all wristband purchases went too charity. And even then it is still distasteful.”

Another wrote ‘”This is in such bad taste and I really hope her family and friends don’t see this.”

“OPEN YOUR PURSE!!” another posted.

Responding to the backlash, Jeremy wrote: “Read what is written. The goal is to raise over £5000, we are only asking £1 per customer, the rest will come from G-A-Y & hopefully it will be more than £5000 & of course you can donate here at”

Last weekend, Sarah’s heartbroken mum shared the news of her passing after bravely battling breast cancer.

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