“Barcelona have a future, thanks to me” – Koeman

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Barcelona’s boss Ronald Koeman has affirmed that the Catalans have a future, all thanks to him.

This affirmation is coming after he recorded numerous down slides as his team finished third seven points behind champions Atletico Madrid in LaLiga in his first season as the manager and also exiting at the Champions League’s last 16 stage to Paris Saint-Germain.

One of the complications that have shaken his managerial appointment was when Blaugrana legend, Lionel Messi in August, departed the club on a free and several players having to take pay cuts to allow registration of new signings.

Another being his soured relationship with the club’s president.

However, with all of these to deal with, Koeman still believes that his team will make an impact as his contract extension lurks in the corner.

Speaking about his relationship with the club’s president, he said..

“It has improved a bit [the relationship with Laporta],” Koeman said.

He then added: “But when you let things blow a bit as a club and are not clear about the future of a coach, then you get speculation.

“And if you are the one who is the coach, then that is not a nice case.

“Last week there was also something in the media, which I think was not right. That again suggests that the trainer does not have full power.

“He said a little too much. That can be done in private. I like it when a president is committed and also asks questions. Only that it should not be in the press, that was the problem.

“Laporta was not wise on two occasions, let me put it this way. We are also in contact about a new contract now. Thanks to me, this club has a future.

“I see a lot of potential. I am open to stay here, I am enjoying myself here.”he concludes.

Koeman’s team has picked up seven points with the likes of Messi without them, and he believes more achievement will thus follow suit.

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