Peter Andre’s wife advises regular breast checks following Sarah Harding’s tragic death

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Medical doctor and wife to English singer and TV personality Peter Andre, Emily MacDonagh has advised and urged women to always have regular breast checks, for lumps or bumps.

Emily offered this advice following the tragic demise of Wake of Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding, who lost her life to breast Cancer.

Emily is a certified doctor who works with the NHS. In recent times, she has spoken on issues regarding health especially on Coronavirus.

In one of her write-ups in her Ok colomn channel, she clearly expressed how upset she was over the loss of Sarah, who died on September 5, after she lost her battle with cancer.

She wrote that it was ‘incredibly sad’ that Sarah had died and that it ‘doesn’t feel real’ as she was a ‘fun, outgoing and lovely person who had so much life ahead of her.’

Apart from being a medical doctor, working with Cancer Research UK and charities like CoppaFeel, has evidently given Emily more insight into cancer, hence she encouraging women to regularly self-examine their breasts, with a suggestion that it should be done every month.

“By Sarah’s bravery in talking about her diagnosis, I just hope that some younger women may feel empowered to start examining themselves.

“After Jade Goody passed away, there was an increase in the amount of women getting smear tests – so many women would have been saved after seeing Jade’s journey.” Emily said.

“It takes such courage to share your most difficult moments with the world in order to inspire others, and I admire anyone who can do that.” she added.

She ended by giving advice on how and when to run a test for this dreadful malignant disease. “You should check your breasts once a month. Ideally, around the same time every month, a few days after your period ends so your breasts are less likely to be swollen or tender.

“Also, changes in hormone levels can impact how your breasts feel. If you feel a change, then please don’t hesitate to go to your GP.” she concluded.

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