“You don’t find many strikers of that quality” – Tuchel praises Romelu Lukaku as the Blues defeat Zenith

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Tuchel, Chelsea’s boss has praised Romelu Lukaku for his outstanding performance as the European champions defeat Zenith to 1:0 win in their 2021/2022 champions league season games at Stamford Bridge yesterday evening.

The German international is full of courage and high hopes of still going to make an impact in this new champions league campaign as his team defends their title.

The match at the first half looked very stressful for the defending champions as Zenith who have never lost their last 18 games seemed to be putting Chelsea under magnimous pressure.

However, at the 69th minutes of the second half, a greater header from Romelu Lukaku broke the dreadlock and put Chelsea ahead their promising champions league campaign.

During post match interview, Tuchel said: “The performance of Romelu was not easy. We didn’t create many chances for him, we did not create many deliveries. But he’s the type of guy who doesn’t lose confidence and belief. And that is why he is here and makes him a world-class striker,”

“You don’t find many strikers of that quality and the guys who are there to score regularly for their teams are so, so important. There are not many goals in football and goals change the momentum of the match. It gives the whole team a lot of belief that maybe one half chance, one chance is enough for him to score,”

“It’s not the only talent he brings, he brings belief, he himself has the belief and he takes the pressure off the shoulders of other guys around him. He has the personality not to be impatient or lose confidence,”

“He does what he does at a very high level and we are very happy he’s with us. There are a lot of reasons we are maybe not at our top level at the moment. But right now with pre-season, new guys coming in, international breaks, and so on, I am happy with how we play and find us very competitive,”

“We know how to handle difficulties during matches and today I liked what I have seen on the sideline because I felt the energy and the effort.

” They are a strong opponent and we have accepted and respect that. It was a tough [Aston] Villa team at the weekend and a tough Zenit team today.

“They changed their line-ups, their mentality when they arrived when they played us, we need to adapt and find solutions. This is what we do at the moment.” Tuchel concluded .

Chelsea are presently in a good form this season. We hope things keep looking up for them.

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