“Prince Kpokpogri is planning to expose my nudes” – Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed through a Court petition that her ex boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri Joseph has an ugly intention of blackmailing her by releasing her nude pictures online.

In a petition, which was filed against the politician, the petitioner, Tonto Dikeh accused him of blackmail, extortion, and obtaining by false pretense.

The statement in the petition read: “From sometime in June 2021, one Prince Kpokpogri Joseph started to court our client with a proposal to marry her. In the process, he would invite our client to his residence and sometimes, he came over to our client’s residence.”

“Unknown to our client, the said Joseph Kpokpogri (who our client later discovered to be a serial blackmailer) had other motives for courting our client.” , part of the statement stated.

“Our client now has reasons and evidence to believe that Joseph Kpokpogri has planted closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV Cameras) at private areas of his residence, and had stage-managed those visits with the aim of blackmailing our client.”

“She was surprised when sometime in August 2021, the suspect started demanding money from her and threatening to expose nude pictures and other such documents relating to her.”

“To actualize his demands, the said Kpokpogri started sending messages, documents, and files containing sensitive information and materials relating to our client to her phone while also releasing some to the public.”

“Our client believes that some of those information were obtained either by wire-tapping her phone and/or through such other means without her authorization.”it concluded.

The mother of one, Tonto, had sometime this month, broken off the relationship with the Prince Kpokpogri. This happened after a voice recording which was alleged to be that of Prince Kpokpogri, went viral.

On the voice recording , the speaker spoke illy about Tonto, alleging that she was a chain smoker.

Also, it was implied by the discussions on the voice recording that Prince Kpokpogri was seeing other women.

Initially, Kpokpogri claimed that his voice was cloned in the voice note, and promised to go on Instagram live to differentiate between the two voices.

He however, changed his mind, asking rhetorically “if Instagram was his father’s company where he needs to defend himself”.

Following that, Tonto Dikeh broke up with him. After the breakup, Kpokpogri was alleged to have released another voice recording where Tonto was pleading with him to not break off their relationship after he caught her cheating.

So many people, including celebrities, condemned the politician for not only recording a woman in her vulnerable state, but having the nerves to release it to the general public.

Having received the backlash, Prince Kpokpogri had come out to deny being behind the released the voice recording.

At the beginning of this week, there was a rumour that Prince Kpokpogri had been picked up by the police following the case between him and his ex girlfriend, Tonto. But he quickly went on Instagram live to debunk the rumours.

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