Ronaldo’s replacement in Juventus, Moise Kean, does not feel any pressure whatsoever

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

With Ronaldo’s massive records of 101 goals across 134 matches in all competitions at Allianz Stadium, Juventus, before returning to Manchester United after 12years of his exit, anyone who’s meant to replace him might likely feel alot of pressure.

However, this appears not to be the case with Moise Kean’s presence as he joined Juventus from loan from Paris St Germain.

Moise insisted that he does not feel the pressure of replacing Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus following his return to Turin.

“I don’t feel any pressure in replacing Ronaldo,” he said. “I just want to lend a hand to the team where I grew up and where I lived good times.”

“I just want to play, I have no pressure, I just feel the responsibility of wearing the Juventus shirt.”

He further said that “Wearing the black and white jersey has always given me great emotions.”

“It is the right choice, I am ready for this new challenge. I’m lucky to have played in foreign championships.

“I’m here to give a big hand to the team I grew up in. I don’t feel its weight, but the responsibility of wearing this shirt and giving 100 per cent.”

“We didn’t start well but we have great objectives. I’m sure we will aim for great results.”he concluded.

Moise has seven goals to his credit the last time he was with Juventus in a 16 Serie A appearances before moving to Everton, where he managed only two goals in 32 outings.

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