Louis Saha speaks about the impacts of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United.

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United after 12 years of absence will likely propel the club’s advancement in major trophy contention.

A former Manchester United player, Louis Saha has shared his faith that the Portuguese international’s return will go a long way in boosting Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side towards Champions League success.

Ronaldo’s appearance in the UEFA champions league campaign against the Young Boys under Manchester United, gave him a record of 177th match, which is equal to Iker Casillas’ appearance record in Europe.

Saha when asked if United will win the champions league, he replied “I think so, yes, I think it [Ronaldo to United] is a game changer,”

“I do think that the Champions League is the hardest competition. Yes, the Premier League is a marathon and you have five to six clubs who can actually win it.

“But the Champions League in a way that it works when you have groups, you will definitely have to win [against] the bigger clubs or the biggest clubs that’s for sure.”

Saha insisted that ole Gunnar has a very formidable squad to win the title and he believes they’ll atleast make an impact.

“United has the balance that they didn’t over the years to win the Champions League,” he said. “We had maybe a less quality squad when we won the Champions League.

“We have seen it with Chelsea, I don’t think they had a great squad but it’s about the team and about the team spirit and how you want to win it more than others.

“The ability to not make any mistakes as they have done [against Young Boys], this is the type of challenge the Champions League will provide to any good side who wants to go win the Champions League.

“So that’s the formula, game by game this team can improve and definitely challenge for the victory [Champions League trophy].”

He further reiterated on Ronaldo’s presence at the front line, believing that Manchester United is always ready to make a move anytime with him up front.

“The first one is because the guy is very obsessed in front of the goal,” he said.

“It will bring this kind of like obsession and demanding from his players around. The second one is his stats, he is a player who’s going to score goals for fun.

“He’s already on three goals in two games. Let’s say that it’s a guarantee. If he plays you will have 25 to 30 goals, maybe not in the Premier League, but combined it’s almost kind of a guarantee.

“At the same time the actual impact mentally on other teams. You go there and you have [Raphael] Varane, [Jadon] Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo, combined with the already very talented squad.

In conclusion the l former French professional footballer who played as a striker said: “I think he [Ronaldo] gives a different aura to the squad, it does bring definitely United forward in those aspects so it’s a huge change for the title [race]. [They are] definitely up there with Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea I would say.”