Jason Manford slams NHS GP appointment system after failure to book ‘urgent’ scan

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Comedian Jason Manford, has slammed an NHS GP after he was advised to stick to calling to book an appointment for an urgent scan.

Jason 40, took to his Twitter to call out on the NHS management on their demand that he calls at a particular time and wait in line with everyone else in the hope of bagging a time slot before they are all taken.

Jason also went on to question whether there was a “workable system” in place after being told to “ring up every morning” in the hope of getting a time slot.

“This country! tried to book an urgent GP appointment for a scan (not for me) but you can’t get one! You just have to ring up every morning at 8am and hope to get one! “How is that a workable system?!” Jason tweeted in the morning around 9:51am.

Jason’s Tweet (c) Jason Manford’s Twitter handle

His tweet raised a lot of debate on Twitter with many saying that they experience similar issues. However, his complaints were also met by opposing replies that defended the system, reminding him that the coronavirus pandemic had put a huge strain on the local surgeries.

Meanwhile, those in support of Jason’s stand, reiterated that the “appalling” appointment system had been in place in GP surgeries across the country a long time before Covid had disrupted the system.

Some of the replies to his tweets read: “There are no appointments because we don’t have enough GPs and other primary care staff. They do not want to do this job because of comments like this and those of your followers and the thousands of others jumping on this bandwagon. Yes, it’s s***. They know this.”

“It isn’t a workable system @JasonManford it’s broken.The NHS is grossly under resourced & understaffed. GPs are hugely overworked & underrecognised for what they do. Please don’t add to the GP bashing. They’re working as hard as they can with fewer GPs, more patients and less £”

“They WANT to see you. It is not their choice not to see you (or whoever). Their hands are tied.”

“And continuous bad press is just going to add to a horrific stressful situation for them as well as patients. Please don’t join the others in s*g off Primary Care services Jason.”

Another wrote : “It works fine at my GP. Ring up on the day your ill or in need. Your call goes through Triage with a Nurse. You get the treatment you require. Be that GP, Nurse or sent to hospital etc. Works fine.”

To the last response , Jason replied that it was different with his surgery: “Unfortunately not here.”, he wrote.