Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba gifts a widow a fully furnished apartment

Nigerian actor, Uchemba Williams has recently extended his usual helping hands to a widow who lost her husband 21 years ago, and has been living in an uncompleted building ever since.

The comic actor took to his Instagram page to celebrate the new house owner, writing: “This widow has been living in an incomplete building for the fast 21 with her kids. When it rains, water floods their home and thereby always making her sick.

Williams, (L) gifts a poor widow (M) an apartment. (c) Williams Uchemba’s Instagram page

“I wanted to move them out but she said the building is the only thing her husband left for them. So we decided to rebuild and furnish the house for her . I want to thank each and everyone that helped us to complete this project, may the windows of heaven open for you in every area of your life🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 one done many more to go.” he concluded

The young actor who started out as a child actor in the early 2000, is also a writer. Some of his movies are Sugar Rush (2019), Merry Men 2 (2019) and Story Story: The African Rideshare (2018).

He is currently the United Nation Ambassador and African Youth Representative to the United Nation. He was born and bred in Abia State in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Williams took a break from acting when he relocated to the US, but a couple of years ago, he came back to limelight after he started his peculiar comedy skit which he called, “I don’t like what I hate”.

The skit became so popular that the it became a catchphrase in Nigeria and even beyond. Ever since his come back, William has once again, become a popular face in the Nollywood movie industry.

The 27 year old actor and comedian recently tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Brunella Oscar. According to Brunella who shared the details of their love story with Weddung Digest Naija, they met on Facebook after she sent him a message.

Williams and Brunella on their wedding day. (c) Williams’ Instagram page

Brunella went further to say that she sent Williams a message after she stumbled on one of his videos, adding that while watching the video, she heard a voice saying, “This is my husband”.

Throwing more light to their encounter, she disclosed that everyone thought she was crazy because although she did not get a reply from the actor, she went to school where she was pursing her master degree the next day, “happy and smiling” and telling everyone that she had met her husband the night before.

The story took another turn when she got a reply from Williams on the afternoon of November 23, 2016. In his reply, he had asked her where she was from. Going forward, she had asked him the same question, to which he responded: “I am from that state your mother doesn’t want you to marry from.”

This, would be the beginning of their forever journey as Williams gave her his phone number and asked that she sent him a Whatsapp message. Speaking for hours that night on video call, their relationship kicked off.

Williams and wife, Brunella all loved up (c) Williams Uchemba’s Instagram page

Sometime this year, Williams revealed that Brunella had put her medical career on hold in order to support him and his business. This was met by mixed reactions from people. Most saying that she might be making a mistake for putting her career on hold.

Williams is quite popular with his humanitarian work. This will not be the first time he would be extending a helping hand to the needy. According to him, he was called by God to relocate to Nigeria from the US to help the poor masses.