Sarah Jessica Parker ‘utterly heartbroken’ over the death of her business partner, George D. Malkemus III

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

American actress and producer, Sarah Jessica Parker, recently took to her Instagram page to mourn her friend and business partner, George D. Malkemus III who died at the age of 67.

Sadly, George death was not of natural cause. He reportedly died due to a terminal cancerous disease. His death has rendered Sarah “utterly heartbroken”

(c) Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram page.

The grieving Sarah Jessica Parker wrote on Saturday:

“I cannot summon the words for a fitting tribute. He deserves prose I don’t yet have. I have to gather my thoughts.

“Today I can only say I’m utterly heartbroken. RIP dearest partner, elegant gentleman George. Til we meet again, I will spend the rest of my days asking “what would GM3 do?” I’m going to miss you so “F’in” much. Forever.”the 56 year old actress wrote.

Sarah later released a very deep message as regards the death of her partner while saying “I intended to work alongside him for as long as women wore shoes”

“I feel profoundly honored by the years we spent in business, but more so the years we spent as friends. He was both inspired and inspiring.

She continued: “He was grace, exquisite taste, principled, and unabashedly in love with his work, his life in the shoe business, and all things beautiful.

“He brought passion and knowledge and delight to the office every day and we were all better for being in his company.

“My heart goes out to his beloved husband, Tony. The gentleman that was George Malkemus III will be deeply missed by all those he loved and all those who had the great privilege to call him friend and partner.” she concluded.


Sarah and George D. Malkemus III, (L) were long time business partners. They co-founded the successful SJP Collection accessories brand seven years ago.