Graham Norton says lockdown made him realise he isn’t ready to retire

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Graham Norton 58, the host of the talk show, The Graham Norton Show, has declared that it’s No Time To Die, or even slow down.

In a chat he recently had with Mirror, Graham revealed that the covid19 lockdown breaks made him realise how much he’s not ready to retire now.

“I had this idea that I was going to cut down on my workload, just kind of take my foot off the pedal a bit, and yet the opposite has happened. I’m busier now than I think I’ve ever been.” , he said.

“I was thinking I wanted to retire, and then in that first lockdown I was getting a preview of what retirement might be like and not liking it so much. So I started thinking, ‘Actually, aren’t I lucky that I get to work?’.”

Graham’s believes that if every day is a day off then “free days don’t seem like such a treasure”.

He went on to say that “Having somewhere to be or somebody who wants you to show up, or just having a purpose in a day changes your free time, makes it different.”

The Irish actor and author also reiterated that his chat show will commence again on Friday with 007 star Daniel Craig amongst his guests, to promote the much-delayed No Time To Die.

“If you think the Bond premiere has been moved around, our Bond special moved around just as much. So that’s going to be our first show back, with Daniel Craig and a bunch of other stars from the new movie.

“That’s a big splashy start and they’re all going to be in the studio.”, he added.

With hope still in the future and believing that the show will include the Queen, with his tongue in cheek, he said: “I’d like to have any of the royals on. If the Queen wants to come on and do some sort of PR makeover, she’s very welcome. She needs some good times.”

“Everyone who’s very old right now, I think, like, ‘Wow, you lived for this’. Yes, it’s very nice, not dying, but to stay alive for this – the pandemic, the state of the world – must be quite galling.”

The comedian also talked about how he feels about being 58. “In my head, turning 58 sounds very like 60.

“I think I’d be more panicked about it if I hadn’t got a few older friends, they’re leading the way. They’re the canaries in the coal mine, and seem to be fine with it.

“Your body doesn’t know that it’s a milestone because it’s just getting on with it I suppose.

“There was a slow, slow thing that happened – I now have to worry about my back and go to the physio. Dull things like that.

“And you realise, ‘Oh, actually, at my age, there are no quick fixes’.

He continued, “If you’re a kid and you have something wrong with you, it gets mended. When you’re 58, you need to keep doing those exercises for the rest of your life or your back will be bad again.”

He also spoke about his relationship, having not been in a serious relationship since 2015. “The older you get the less right you have to be picky, but the pickier you become. And your dating pool becomes smaller.

“When you’re young it’s the opposite. You know you could be picky, but you’re not. I prefer to be unhappy alone. That’s the bottom line. And I’m not even unhappy.” he concluded.