UEFA declares proceedings against rebel Super League clubs ‘null and void’

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

UEFA has officially abandoned and dropped all proceedings against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus in the bid against them standing in for the commencement of the Super league competition aside the Champions league campaign.

UEFA sometime in May opened an investigation and subsequent proceedings for clubs that opted for the Super league campaign. Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea were intially in for the league, however they all later pulled off leaving Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus there.

Following the act of opting for the Super league, and withdrawing from UEFA champions league, a Potential fine and a collective €15million “goodwill fund” formed part of the agreement announced in May, and this saw Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea back.

Now, instead of the proceedings to kick off against Barcelona, real Madrid and Juventus, it was subsequently dropped.

UEFA said in a statement: “UEFA understands why the disciplinary proceedings are declared null and void. UEFA has always acted in good faith and reasonably understood that the decision by its independent disciplinary body, the UEFA Appeals Body, to suspend the disciplinary proceedings was in full compliance with the Court Orders of the Madrid Commercial Court No. 17, and given that the three mentioned clubs have since been admitted to UEFA club competitions. 

“UEFA maintains its view that it has always acted in accordance with not only its statutes and regulations, but also with EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights and Swiss law in connection with the so-called Super League project. UEFA remains confident in and will continue to defend its position in all the relevant jurisdictions. 

“In relation with the Club Commitment Declarations UEFA received in May 2021 from nine of the 12 clubs that acted as founders of the so-called European Super League project, and with which such nine clubs had informed UEFA of their unilateral decisions to withdraw from the so-called Super League project, UEFA has informed the nine clubs that in view of the pending Court proceedings in Madrid, and to avoid any unnecessary complication, UEFA will not request payment of any of the amounts offered in the May Declarations of the clubs, as long as the Court proceedings in Madrid involving, among others, UEFA are pending.” it concluded.

Up till now, Barca, Madrid and Juventus have refused to renounce the Super League despite the intense criticisms from the football world.