Former Atomic kitten singer, Kerry Katona diagnosed with arthritis in the shoulders

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Forty one years old Kerry Katona, mother of five, has said that she urgently needs a surgery after chronic pain at the back which was diagnosed as arthritis.

Katona took to her Instagram page to share this latest unfortunate development while saying: “For those of you who know all about the pain and agony I’ve been in for years with my back and shoulders.

“I’m so excited to of actually being diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and a protruding disc in my back which can be operated on!!

“I know I must sound like a weirdo but to have been in pain for all of these years without a diagnosis has been horrendous and I am over the moon.

“Thank you soooo much Dr tang @pallmallmedical you have no idea how much this has changed my life!!!!”


Upon sharing her predicaments and the latest remedy to it while trying hard to hold back tears while in her car, she said : “I’m just so relieved. You start thinking it’s in your head.”

Katona’s fans rushed to her with their supportive responses. One wrote: “Oh my gosh you poor darling, another reason why you have superpowers! so pleased you can get it sorted out.”

Kerry Katona7

Katona after being declared bankrupt has also bagged an endorsement as she signed multi-million-pound business deal, thereby reliving herself of bankruptcy.

Speaking about the latest deal, she said “I’ve been on every side of the coin. I’ve come from being in foster homes and living on council estates to becoming rich very young and becoming a millionaire very young.

“I lost it all and went bankrupt. I tried to get it back and I lost it all again. And I then crawled my way back up. I would never ever have thought that I could have turned my life around like this, but I have.

“I want to show people that it can be done, because I’ve done it. I hit rock bottom but I surrounded myself with good people. When I was younger, I had the wrong people around me. But now, I only have good people in my life, and it’s changed me.”she concluded.

The former Atomic kitten singer has five children from three marriages.

She married former Westlife singer Brian McFadden on 5 January 2002, at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Rathfeigh, County Meath, Ireland.

They have two daughters. McFadden filed for divorce from Katona in September 2004 and was separated from her for two years, until their divorce was finalised in December 2006.

On 14th February 2007 Katona married taxi driver Mark Croft. They have a daughter, and a son in her 2012 book, Still Standing: The Autobiography, Katona describes meeting Croft when he was supplying cocaine to her mother Sue in September 2005.

Katona had just returned to Warrington after spending six weeks in rehab in Arizona for depression, alcohol and drugs. They announced a breakup in 2009 but reconciled, then divorced in 2011.

Katona married former rugby league (Warrington Wolves A-Team) player, George Kay on 14th September 2014. They had one daughter.

Kay had served three years of a six-year jail sentence after being convicted for blackmail in 2008. On 7th October 2015, Katona announced their separation after he allegedly assaulted her at their home in Crowborough and was subsequently arrested by police.

Katona has also been battling with some mental health issues.