“Manchester United target, Kalvin Phillips ‘born and belongs’ at Leeds”, says Marcelo Bielsa

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Kalvin Phillips of theEnglish side, Leeds United has proven himself worthy of trust in the midfield under the managerial job Marcelo Bielsa.

Recently, Manchester United developed interest in the Leeds midfielder, watching his performance both in the just concluded Euro 2020 and presently in Leeds.

Speaking about Phillips’ performance, Marcelo Bielsa who transformed the 25-year-old into a holding midfielder after his appointment, expressed how valuable Phillips is to his side as reports of a move to Old Trafford continue to swirl.

“That’s a question Kalvin [Phillips] needs to answer,” Bielsa said on Thursday when asked about his midfielder’s future.

“Of course, he’s a very valuable player. I have seen in him the conduct I have very rarely seen in a player.

“In how football is right now, for a player to decline a team above the level where he is at, due to love of a club he is at, is not frequent.

“Loved definitively in the place he was born and belongs. When you go for the money, or for the evolution, you resolve a moment in your sporting career, but when you opt for the affection of those of people, you resolve in your life forever.

“When you’re loved where you’re from, the possibilities to be happy increase. The moment [if he leaves] and the way he does it will convert him as an idol forever.

“I’m sure he will only leave if it’s guaranteed the link to the place he was born remains intact. He will know how to do it.”

Philips also sits third for completed passes (236) and fifth for duels won (22).

“Kalvin’s passage for the national team and evaluation of his game clearly allows him to have leadership within the team,” the head coach continued.

“When a player performs, that improvement in his performance is perceived by everybody. One of the consequences is, to do what you did before requires more effort. The opponent sees he’s shining, they do their utmost to neutralise him.” he concluded.

Despite, the speculations of a possible move to Manchester United from Leeds, Philips’ agent, Sharp is keen that he’ll remain in Leeds.

“I can only see a positive outcome,” Sharp told the Telegraph. “Kalvin’s desire is to stay at Leeds and there is a real willingness from all sides to make it happen.”