Comedian Adam Kay horrified to find boozed-up intruder in his dressing room.

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

British stand-up comedian and author, Adam Kay has narrated how shocked he was to have found an intruder who made her way backstage into his dressing room.

According to him, he was on stage performing his one-man show ‘This is Going to Hurt Secret Diaries of A Junior Doctor’ in Glasgow when a woman from the audience wandered into his dressing room and ‘demolished’ the snacks and booze that were laid out for the star.

Sharing the experience on Twitter, he believed that the woman might’ve lost her way into his room as she stepped on plenty of his food and drink before she left.

“A lovely gig at Glasgow Theatre Royal – and then back to my dressing room where a woman was taking a sh**,” the comedian shared.

“In fairness to her, it was in the bathroom part of the dressing room, rather than on the floor or the table. She was pretty hammered, which might have been something to do with all the wine she’d demolished from my extremely showbiz rider.”

“She’d also tried to get through the beer but couldn’t find the bottle opener. She’d also been through my stuff – most of which was happily quite boring, though hadn’t found my phone and wallet,” he further said.

“I asked what she was doing and she told me she thought it was the toilet, which I guess it technically was.

“I imagine she got lost on her way to the loo at some point during the show (maybe keep some of those doors locked in future, guys?) and found herself in my dressing room, then decided that the wine and nibbles were a more appealing prospect than the show itself so just decided to smash through that instead.”

Adam ended the thread by sharing that the intruder later went back to finish up, after she joined the audience.

“POSTSCRIPT. Oh! One of my wine glasses was found in the auditorium – so she’d in fact helped herself to the wine, gone back to the show, then thought “Actually, f**k this” and returned to my dressing room instead.”