Liverpool more likely for European success than domestic, says Jose Enrique

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Jose Enrique, former Liverpool’s player, is very optimistic that his former team has the greater opportunity of lifting the UEFA champions league trophy than the premier league trophy.

This was on the grounds that the Red’s form this season is superb. Presently they are the only club in the English premier league that has never recorded any loss and also maintain the 1st position on the table.

Although finding themselves in a tight champions league group with big clubs like Atletico Madrid, Milan and Porto, they’ve atleast proved their worth by thrashing Porto to a 5:1 win and edged against Milan to gain the required 3 points at a 3:2 win.

Speaking about the club’s form, the former player said that…”We couldn’t have had a better start in what is probably the hardest group in the Champions League and we are doing really well now.

“We have everything on the right path to go through and it’s a competition that maybe we have more of a chance.

“Paris Saint-Germain are underperforming, Barcelona are underperforming, Real Madrid are underperforming. So maybe it’s a season that we can really go for the Champions League again.

“The Premier League is longer, we have a lot of games. In the Champions League, it depends on the injuries.

“If you ask me what title that I believe we can win, I will go more for the Champions League over the Premier League, “ he continued.

Still on the probablity of winning the trophy, he added that: “I really hope it’s Liverpool but if I’m honest with you, the problem with us is the lack of strength in the squad,” Jose Enrique responded when asked who would win the league.

“I believe we [Liverpool] are missing players up front. Look, I know we have four players that can perform there with [Roberto] Firmino, [Diogo] Jota, [Mohamed] Salah and [Sadio] Mane, but you cannot just rely on them the whole season.

“We obviously have strength there but if one of them gets an injury we may very well be struggling there, you know that’s reality.

“These kinds of teams like Chelsea and [Manchester] City, they do have it. The season is very long, we play Champions League, we play the two cups, it is not going to be easy.

“I hope it’s Liverpool, but I don’t know. I don’t want to say another team to be honest! Let’s say Chelsea.” Enrique concluded