Mbappe reveals that he considered taking a break from France duty

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Kylian Mbappe 22, Paris St Germain striker and France international player has revealed that he considered taking a break after heavy trolls over his missed spot kick in the Euros.

According him, he suffered a breakdown over the trolls from fans, and considered not featuring in the nation’s league game against Belgium.

Mbappe claimed to have always bore France in his heart, now and always and felt rejected after his spot miss. He went on to acknowledge the fact that he wasn’t in his best form then, however, the lashings were much on him.

“I have always placed the French national team above everything and I will always put it above everything,” Mbappe told French outlet L’Equipe ahead of the Nations League semi-final against Belgium.

“I have never taken a single Euro to play for the French national team and I will always play for my national team for free. 

“Above all, I never wanted to be a problem. But from the moment where I felt like that I was starting to become a problem and that people felt I was a problem – the most important thing is the French national team.

“And if the French national team is happier without me… that is what I was made to feel and that is what I felt.

“I received the message, that my ego was what made us lose, that I wanted to take up too much space, and that without me, therefore, we might have won. 

“I met with the [FFF] president, [Noel] Le Graet, and we had exchanges.”

Still speaking on how he felt after he was racially abused for missing out a spot kick which sent them off from the just concluded Euro 2020 round of 16 against Switzerland, he said “I have so much love for the French national team that I abstract from it all. What shocked me, again, was being called a monkey for the penalty.

“That is what I wanted support around, not because I took my penalty to the left and Sommer stopped it: that is on me, that is my foot that did that.

“I was booed in all of the stadiums in France! Aside from that, there was not just that, there was also the transfer, but the reality is that I was booed in all the stadiums, yes.

“But I understand everything around the sporting world now: if you are not good, you accept what people say, there you go.

“You just have to look at yourself in the mirror: I was not as good as I should have been, I accept it, and I live with this failure because it will serve me well.” Mbappe concluded.