Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal denies rumours of an affair with a rich northern politician

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Nigerian actress, Moyo Lawal has debunked rumors and allegations of her having an affair with a certain northern politician, while claiming to be one of the most decent ladies in town.

The movie star took to her Instagram page to clear the air on the alleged illicit affairs.

“Made way too many sacrifices to let this rubbish go in silence ✌️and said no to too many hawt toasters 😩😢ask about me. Just so we are clear, I am single, hence at liberty to do anything I want but please let us STICK to the truth,” she wrote.

“I can beat my chest anywhere that I have been better behaved (and it has not been easy, I have had years where I abstained completely you think with that kind of self control , I still won’t have sense??? ) than most regular girls and even some married women.”

“Love and Light ❤️ #ML. p.s swipe. Soon I will tell you people why this started in the first place but first, I want to go and make my Eba first ✌️#moyobaby.” she concluded.

Moyo who hails from badagry Lagos State, began acting in small play productions when she had been convinced to venture into acting by a friend of hers whilst in school. She took part in the Next Movie Star Nigerian TV reality show but was unsuccessful in it.

Moyo debuted her first professional acting career in the TV series titled Shallow Waters, in which she played the role of Chioma. Her career became more pronounced when she was able to secure for herself a movie role in an award-winning TV series titled Tinsel where she played the notable role of a character named Chinny.

In the 2012 edition of Best of Nollywood Awards stylized as BON Awards, Moyo won the award for Revelation of the Year.