France star Hugo Lloris and former Germany striker Bierhoff are both standing against biennial world cup

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Hugo Lloris, France goalkeeper, and Germany team director and former striker, Oliver Bierhoff have both kicked against FIFA’s intentions for biennial showpiece tournament. FIFA to hold summit for biennial World Cup proposal

FIFA is considering introducing a biennial process of world Cup tournament which was under discussion last month, and most players and coaches are against the idea, each with their different reasons.

“I think the World Cup should be something quite rare, so the fact that you play it only every four years helps protect this precious element to it,” Lloris said during a news conference ahead of France’s Nations League semi-final against Belgium.

“As a group we are waiting for competition every four years and as a player, I think it’s always something that is on your mind.  

“Things need to evolve and I think a decision should be made thinking about the players, the clubs and the countries. But it’s something I’m not part of, it’s something to be decided by the big institutions.”

Bierhoff said that he hadn’t found any player or coach who’s in support of the biennial world cup while citing the impact on participants.

“Regarding the exhaustion of the players, I think we always have to keep their health in mind, and to play a World Cup …. I haven’t yet found a player or coach who has said that they believed it is a good idea,” Bierhoff said.

“Also, regarding the standard of the tournament, playing a World Cup every four years is seen as the right thing by everyone involved.

“I think that everyone in football should not just focus on maximising revenue but also on assuring the quality of football.” he concluded.

At the moment, the proposal for a biennial World Cup is still pending as decisions on whether to embark on the biennial mode are yet to be made.