Mancini reacts to Italy fans whistling at Donnarumma following departure from AC Milan to PSG

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Italian boss and head coach Roberto Mancini appears to be very disappointed in the Italians fans over the ugly display of jeering and booing at Gianluigi Donnarumma in yesterday nation’s league semi final match against Spain.

The 21 years old Donnarumma left AC Milan for Paris St Germain and this movement wasn’t a welcomed idea by Italians as they ceased every opportunity they’ve got to jeer at him.

Donnarumma left Milan for Paris St Germain

“For sure [Donnarumma] wasn’t happy about the whistles during the first half but what could we do?,” Mancini said during his post-game news conference.

“We are all adults and we have to accept also this situation and in the end I think Gigio despite that played a good game. It certainly won’t have pleased him, just as it did not please us. Gigio did well.”

Mancini added: “Donnarumma played for Italy and it was not a club game. This situation could have been put aside for one night and [they could have] whistled [at him] in a possible PSG vs Milan [match]. Italy are Italy and come above all else.”

The defeat brought to an end the already running winning streaks of the Italians. It was a long record of 37-game unbeaten run, as well as their bid to add the Nations League title to their Euro 2020 crown.

“It would have been better not to suffer this defeat but we knew that sooner or later eventually we would have to lose a game,” Mancini said. “It is better for it to come tonight than in the final of the Euros or the World Cup.

“I believe though that this game makes us even stronger despite the defeat and allows us to understand that we are truly a great team.”

Bonucci got a red card in the match and thus this contributed to Italians misery and they were already a goal down before the red.

“About Leo, he was a bit naive tonight and in this type of game you cannot make these mistakes,” Mancini said.

“It’s true that the red card had an impact on the rest of match. Until that moment Spain had more ball possession which is what they are used to. We were in a bit of difficulty, but we could have ended the first half at 1-1.

“We should not have conceded the second goal at the end of the first half. We should have paid more attention for their second goal. It’s already difficult to face Spain with 11 players but when you are one man down it becomes much more complicated.”he concluded.

Spain will now await either France or Belgium to battle with at the nation’s league final for the trophy.