“I never doubted Mbappe”, says Deschamps

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

France’s coach Didier Deschamps has praised Kylian Mbappe following his master piece exhibition in the game that led France to the nation’s league finals against Belgium.

The game ended in France’s favour as was earlier predicated, following Belgium’s lead with a 2:0 win in the halftime.

Kylian Mbappe scored a spot kick unlike the one he missed against Switzerland in the Euros, which brought him a lot of jeers, trolls and boos from France’s fans.

All eyes had been on Mbappe after he revealed that he considered taking a break from international football following France’s Euro 2020 disappointment.

“Kylian [Mbappe] didn’t have any doubts,” Deschamps told reporters. “I have always been behind him, I saw his determination. He was full of good intentions during the Euros, he missed the efficiency in the end, but he was injured, he couldn’t play the second and third game.

“There are a lot of expectations with Kylian. I’ve always said this, and it’s not to be nice, I know very well France is a lot stronger with Kylian. Today he did it.”, he continued.

“Offensively, in his efforts, the way he is complementary with Benzema and [Antoine] Griezmann has added to that. It’s good for France. But I never had any doubts about him.

“It will have been good for him, definitely, on a personal level, but since he arrived at the start of this week, I could sense that he felt that it was an important match for him as well, and all for the better for him and for us.”

It was initially a tough game as Belgium before half time was leading with a 2 goals to nil, thanks to Yannick Carrasco and Romelu Lukaku but France will now meet Spain in Sunday’s Nations League showpiece.

“It’s the kind of football that we like when we end up on the right side of it,” Deschamps said. “It’s amazing to go from one emotion into another in a big game like that, against an opponent like that. We were on the wrong side of it this summer, and it hurts.

“It’s hard, I put myself in Roberto Martinez’s shoes when it comes to the final scoreline, it hurts. But you have to accept it. Much joy and pride, I’m here for that. I’ve known many great moments, and we’re going to have more.

“Because the quality we have in this side, the spirit, the mentality even if we had to react to the situation. But to be able to turn around a situation like that, I can only be proud of what we’ve done tonight.” Deschamps concluded.