“It is not a goal that obsesses me” – Griezmann on breaking Henry goals record for France

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Antoine Griezmann, France international forward and presently Atletico Madrid striker may have been making it in the score list, however, presently he’s keen on seeing his side win the nation’s league.

Griezmann didn’t seem to be worried over breaking Thierry Henry’s records as the 30 year old striker dreams of securing a silverware on Sunday as they play against Spain in nation’s league finals.

“It is close, but it is not a goal that obsesses me,” the Atletico Madrid forward told the media on Friday.

“I go games without shooting on goal, which shows how much it is not an obsession. Ten goals is not a lot, but also a lot at the same time. We’re going to take it easy.”

Griezmann has indeed played a pivotal role in the France’s lifting of the world cup in 2018.

On nearing a century of appearances, Griezmann said: “I always like being in the France team, I’m always proud to wear these colours.

“I always love football, I’m with this locker room, the staff too. I have a little more experience and am a world champion, but otherwise I’m always the same, trying to give the best of myself offensively or defensively, compared to what the team needs.”

He added: “I am very proud and very happy. I hope it will end well with a cup and a party after the game.”

Having being a keynote player in their last world cup games, the 30 year old player, insisted on going to help his team yet again to lift the nation’s league trophy in hope not to have koke joke over it while in Atletico Madrid.

“If we lose, I’m going to have Koke, who rooms with me, making little jokes. It’s the same for some Spanish friends I have in Madrid,” the former Barcelona player revealed.

“Especially at the beginning, it’s going to be weird. With Koke, we are together all the time, in the locker room or at home. But after five minutes you forget everything and the game begins.

“They have a very good team, they play very well. On the ball, they press high.

“With Luis Enrique, whom I adore and I admire as a coach, they have had good matches. They made the semi-finals at the European Championship, then they are in the final here.” Griezmann concluded.