Newcastle can challenge ‘within a couple of years’ with ‘right people’ – Rob Lee

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Newcastle United club’s takeover is a new welcomed dispensation, as this is believed by many to be the Genesis of good tidings for the club.

Former Newcastle United captain Rob Lee without fear is very optimistic that with the club in this new hands, will be able to contest for the league title and subsequently other competition in a couple of years.

Speaking about the club’s new dispensation, Lee said: “I genuinely think those days of somebody coming up that quickly now, a bottom-half team coming up so quickly within a year, would be virtually impossible with the money that’s in the game.

“Certainly within a couple of years, there’s no reason, if they spend it wisely on the right people and players, why we can’t be challenging.”

He explained: “It’s certainly a long-term project. It’s certainly going to cost a lot of money. I think what’s important is they get the right people.

“I don’t just mean on the pitch, off the pitch as well – in the right jobs, people who care about the club, and people who are going to push the club in the right direction.

“Because when I joined in ’92, everybody was pulling in the same direction. John Hall was pushing the club off the field, Kevin Keegan was pushing the club on the field, and they were going in the same direction.

Going further, he added that: “This is probably the best news since Bobby Robson signed for Newcastle many, many years ago. Since he left and since he went, this club’s been in decline, and it’s going to take a long, long time.”

On the issue of “sports-washing” Lee said “It’s a very difficult question. I think [fans] do care about it and people do care about it, but there’s so much frustration over the last 14 years of Mike Ashley owning the club.

“I think that they’re so elated at the moment, having their club in different hands, somebody who’s going to spend money, which is what they haven’t spent for a long, long time, and push their club forward.

“Hopefully, they’ll have people in charge of the club who care about the club and want to push the club forward.

“You still have to think about these things, but the main thing, I think, people are thinking about at the moment is the fact that the club’s been taken over by people better [for the club] than Mike Ashley at the moment.” he concluded.