Aisling Bea responds to criticism of her English accent in Home Alone reboot

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Comedian Aisling Bea, who starred in Home Alone remake Home Sweet Home Alone has addressed the issue of her English accent in Home Alone remake.

Most of her fans are questioning why she didn’t use her normal Irish accent.

“Hello, to everybody that has been wondering online why I have an English accent in the new Home Alone movie: it’s because the character’s English,” she said.

“She’s from England and if she was from England and she spoke with an Irish accent then that would be quite strange. But she’s English. If she was Australian she’d probably have an Australian accent.”

Aisling added: “If she was from Texas then she’d probably have a Southern accent. If she was from Scotland then she might have a Scottish accent.

“If she was Irish she would speak very much like I do because I am from Ireland. But this character is not from Ireland… she’s from England, and so that’s why I’m doing the accent.”

This was shared on Twitter with Aisling captioning it: “It is also not a true crime documentary about a Mother who leaves her son alone to fend for himself, because if it was I would be in jail.”

The Home Sweet Home Alone remake will be premiering on November this year, although with mixed reactions from fans who’ve seen the original of it.

Aisling Clíodhnadh O’Sullivan, known professionally as Aisling Bea, is an Irish comedian, actress, and writer.

After graduating from drama school, Bea spent two years trying to get work in theatre as a dramatic actress. Instead, she was cast mainly in comedic television series including Cardinal Burns and Dead Boss. While filming Dead Boss in 2011, Bea decided to try stand-up comedy.

In 2012, she won The Gilded Balloon So You Think You’re Funny award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and, in 2013, was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards for her show C’est La Bea.

The exposure brought by these awards and festival appearances marked a “turning point” in Bea’s career and she began to appear as a regular guest on panel shows including QI and Insert Name Here.

Bea and Yasmine Akram co-wrote and co-hosted the BBC Radio 4 comedy folklore series Micks and Legends (2012, 2015); it was nominated for a Chortle Award in 2013. Bea won the 2014 British Comedy Award for Best Female TV Comic and returned to Edinburgh in 2015 with the live show Plan Bea.

In 2016, she became a team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats and was a cast member on Taskmaster in 2017.