“I have faced several sexual harassments” – Nigerian model, Favour Phillip ppeaks up

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Fast rising Nigerian model, Favour Philips, during an interview with Saturday beats, while discussing her initiative called, ‘Clean Up Nigeria Project’, shared her experiences in the modelling industry.

Speaking about her initiative first, she said:
“I am currently working on an environmental awareness project, which entails me creating awareness about man-made disasters and flooding.

“I will be sensitising people to their environment and the huge negative impact flooding can have on their lives, if not avoided. My biggest inspiration is my love for humanity and impacting lives in Nigeria.

“While growing up, I saw people struggle and suffer so much. They cried out for help and better living conditions but they were not listened to and this inspired my philanthropic activities.

“I have also done several outreaches on the streets, feeding both children and adults. I also shared foodstuffs in rural areas at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I visited prisons in Port Harcourt during the country’s independence anniversary and donated toiletries and other personal items while encouraging some inmates not to give up.

“Just recently, I donated writing materials to kids whose parents could not afford the items they needed to start a new class.”

Speaking on some of the challenges she faces as a model, Phillip added, “Modelling in Nigeria is not all rosy. One of the major challenges is that of being sexualised because of one’s looks and the stigma of people attributing one’s success to men, instead of looking at the real work one does.

“I have faced several sexual harassments. The modelling industry is very competitive and demanding, so many models are willing to do anything, including selling themselves, to be successful. As a matter of fact, getting modelling gigs, winning pageants and getting endorsements is practically a call for sexualising oneself.” she concluded.

Favour is also a Serial entrepreneur, beauty therapist and model. She hails from Imo state, eastern part of Nigeria.