Christine Quinn talks about terrifying moment husband was told to choose between her and their baby

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Christine Quinn, Surviving Sunset star has shared an experience of witnessing her millionaire husband Christian Richard being told to choose between saving her life or that of their unborn son.

Successfully, both the Netflix real estate star, and her baby son survived, and he was welcomed into the world four months ago.

However, she admits it was a heart wrenching time for her Millionaire husband Christian Richard and she’s struggled with what he had to go through.

Sharing the experience, she said “There was a point where we both nearly died. At the hospital, they kept going out to my husband (Christian Richard) and saying, “OK, Christine’s stable but the baby’s not,” and then, “The baby’s stable but Christine’s not.”

Christine Quinn with husband Christian Richard and their baby

After much ardour of moving forth and back in having to choose, the doctor told him that
“You need to pick one right now, you have to make the priority.”

However , the 42-year-old retired tech entrepreneur vehemently refused to make a choice, he hopefully told the doctors to try and save both child and mother. In his words: “Well, you better get them both.”

Quinn is now in a good health, nursing her child.

Although till now, she hasn’t share details of what might’ve caused the near loss of her life or that of her baby.